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    Who the heck reads an entire biography? Well, you do! Thanks for that.

    My name is Neal Vos. I was born on the 6th of July in the year 1999 and I’m from The Netherlands! Since I was 12 I found my passion. Producing music for everyone to hear.

    Together with my friend Rick Verboom, I founded my label Dellusion Records in 2016. Ever since Dellusion Records was made DragunoV and Rick Verboom are creating massive tunes for the public to hear.

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    Rick Verboom

    Well-known producer and DJ from Utrecht, The Netherlands Rick Verboom has several official releases on his name on labels such as Hawditch Digital, Dellusion Records, RawMonkey, and more.

    After 8 years Rick is ready to take over the world with his music! Right now Rick is working on a lot of music for his audience and will be releasing some amazing tracks soon!

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    Enzo Contrucci

    Enzo Contrucci (August 21, 2002) is a Dutch / Italian DJ/Producer currently signed at Dellusion Records.

    His latest track “The Coof” together with DragunoV just released on the first of July on the year 2020.

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