About Dellusion Records

Our timeline:

August 2014: An idea started popping up. What about a record label for young talents? What about a platform which every (small) artist can express themselves without limitations? Neal Vos, CEO and Founder of Dellusion Records immediatly wrote the idea out in a whopping 26 pages of text. Together with his friend Rick Verboom, he started working out ideas for this idea.

December 2014: The idea starts to clarify itself. "This is going to be the perfect idea. Every artist needs to express itself without a limiting factor of genre or style.

October 2015: Everything is sorted out. A design was created. Neal - who was a student grapic design at this point - created the logo while in college. Full-on retro with a touch of modern design. And thus, the well-known triangular-in-circle logo was born.

December 2015: Over a year old. But still no music to be released. Desperate for music Neal and Rick started making their studios. Everyone with a different style. From classic interfaces to retro-style panels. Everything was as good as their budget allowed them to.

February 2016: Rick Verboom started working together with other artists such as Midi Essentials to create their first single Battle which released in June of 2016. Neal started to realize that a college degree is more important than anything else. He switched classes to persuade a degree in Application Development.

June 2016: Rick Verboom x Midi Essentials - Battle goes live. Everything from august of 2014 lead up to this moment. A month later Rick Verboom drops another track together with Midi Essentials.

August 2016: Neal releases his first track. DragunoV - Stage is officially released and Dellusion Records is finally going strong.

December 2016: More artists are joining

Latest News

Rick Verboom - Your Eyes is out now!

After a long wait. The release of Rick Verboom is out now including the remix made by DragunoV. Download or stream directly from www.dellusion.app Also informing with this post we are now uploading tracks towards Audius. A free-to-use platform for indie artists. You can follow us on Audius by going to this link: audius.co

Posted by: Neal Vos on 07-03-2020 at 20:51

Your Eyes will go live in 7 days!

With only 7 days to go, the long-awaited track of Rick Verboom is going strong. This is also because of the free download which is still available until March 7! You can get your copy on www.toneden.io Also as you might have noticed our website is still in development. Please bear with us to make the best Dellusion Records website for you. If you have experienced bugs, please send over a support email to [email protected] We will be working on

Posted by: Neal Vos on 29-02-2020 at 12:39

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