The second Dellusion Hard release is a fact! With JUNO at the wheel of the next wave of Dellusion Hard artists. He is already on his way to international fame and there’s no sign of stopping him anytime soon.

Unleashing Fury: JUNO’s High-Octane Uptempo Hardcore Triumph!

In the electrifying realm of hardcore music, there’s a name that’s been setting the scene ablaze—JUNO. With an unyielding spirit and the talent to match, JUNO’s newest track is a fierce declaration in the world of uptempo hardcore. This piece is more than just music; it’s a powerful statement, a high-energy anthem delivered at a staggering 210 BPM that’ll catapult you into a state of pure exhilaration.

For the uninitiated, uptempo hardcore is a genre that thrives at the extreme end of the BPM scale, with an unapologetic approach to tempo and energy. It’s characterized by its sped-up rhythms, aggressive kicks, and a ruthless drive that scoffs at the concept of taking it easy. JUNO embraces this style with open arms and takes it a step further, pushing the envelope with rhythmic intensity and blistering speed.

JUNO’s latest track is nothing short of a masterclass in precision and pace. Each beat is a meticulously crafted surge of power, commanding your attention and respect. Within the intricate tapestry of sound lies a harmonious balance—furious beats meet meticulous melodicism, synthesizing an atmosphere that both invigorates and overwhelms the senses.

This isn’t just a track that you listen to; it’s one that you experience with every fiber of your being. From the second the play button is pressed until the last echo fades, JUNO ensures that listeners are gripped by a relentless force that only high BPMs and the spirit of hardcore can provide.

So, strap in and brace for impact. JUNO’s latest creation is not merely a track to be heard—it’s a sonic expedition that defines what it means to lose yourself in the music. Embrace the rush, savor the speed, and join the ride as JUNO redefines the boundaries of uptempo hardcore at a mind-melting 210 BPM.

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Where can I download or stream this JUNO track?

You can download or stream this track elsewhere when it eventually releases. It’s currently not out for release, but this will change very very soon. Stay up-to-date with this and more Dellusion Music releases by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, which you can find here! You can also pre-order from the Official Dellusion Music Store

JUNO – Turn It Up (Move Ya Feet)

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In the electrifying realm of hardcore music, there’s a name […]

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